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Shop Mathematics & Blue Print Reading

Shop Mathematics and Blue Print Reading


Course Code: KMSMBP-050200

Equivalent Credit Hours: 2.0

Course Description

This course is designed to ensure that an entry level technician (1) can perform typical measurements on the shop floor using the right measurement tools; and (2) is able to read and interpret blue prints.



No prerequisites are required for this course.


Course Curriculum

Shop Mathematics

Base 10, Decimals, Decimal Equivalents, Percentages, Fractions, Algebraic Expressions, Simple Equations, Ratio, Proportion, Graphs, Charts, Data Handling, Weights, Measures, Metric Conversion, Exponents, Square Roots, Right Triangles, Angles, Plane Figures, Area, Measurement of Solid Figures, Volume, Introduction to trigonometric tables.

Hand Tools

Care and Use of Hand Tools Unit 2: Mechanical Fasteners

Blueprint Reading & Machine Drawing

Elements of Blueprints and Machine Drawing I


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