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Diploma in Automation Engineering

This is a 7-month programme and the entry level is a high-school certificate.

The programme assumes no technical background, but will make you a well-equipped automation technician at the end of the course because of its intensive, practical nature.

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Course Title Credit Value
Technical English 1.0
Occupational Health, Safety and Environment 2.0
Industrial Electricity I 1.0
Industrial Electricity II 1.0
Industrial Electricity III (Without Panel Building) 1.0
Electrical Panel Building 1.0
Variable Speed Drives 0.5
Fundamentals of Industrial Pneumatics 2.0
Electro-pneumatics 1.0
Fundamentals of Industrial Hydraulics 2.0
Basic PLC Programming 1.0
Intermediate PLC 2.0
Advanced PLC: Sequencer Programming 2.0
Advanced PLC with HMI 2.0
Fundamentals of Digital Electronics 2.0
Introduction to Process Instrumentation and Measuring Techniques 2.0
Practical Electronics 2.0
Fundamentals of Factory IO 2.0
Fundamentals of Robotics 3.0

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