Technical Skills Education Provider

 One of the focus areas of KERSL is professional development training for technical professionals, engineers and technicians. Training offerings include Programmable Logic Controller Software Development, where students learn how to design, install, program, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain modern programmable logic controller (PLC) systems. Other training courses include Industrial Electricity – where students learn, among other things, the electrical principles pertaining to electrical wiring of Industrial Equipment – and Process Instrumentation, where students learn about process sensors and their applications in industry.
KERSL runs certificate courses and one diploma program. The main major differences between the certificate courses and the diploma program are the following:

All professional development courses are short courses that typically run from 3-10 working days, depending on the level of the course and the course content.     

Most of the professional development courses are stand-alone. However, some have prerequisites. For example, Industrial Electricity II cannot be taken unless either

       a)Industrial Electricity I has been taken,
       b)an applicant tests out of it, or
      c)the employer makes the decision that Industrial Electricity II is what his/her employee needs after reviewing the course contents for both Industrial Electricity I and II.

Professional Development (Certificate) courses are at the technician and technologist level and are particularly well-suited for employees of industries who may typically be able to release their employees for up to only about a week or two at the time. 

KERSL runs one diploma program which consists of all the certificate courses indicated above but organized as a 3-semester diploma program. A student who successfully graduates from the program will obtain a diploma in “Industrial Skills and Mechatronics.”

A unique aspect of KERSL’s programs is that it is designed to meet the needs of industry. That is, the program is 100% demand-driven. KERSL’s focus on providing a demand-driven program ensures that the courses offered provide the skills industry needs to increase productivity and be globally competitive.