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KERSL Automation is currently one of the best recognized industrial automation design and training providers in Ghana.

The company has trained engineers, programmers and technicians in the manufacturing industry as well as the general public and has also built control systems for a number of companies. Our vision of using home-grown expertise and technology to support industries with regard to automation and provide the youth with marketable skills in automation and mechatronics, is in line with the government’s strategic goal of “Ghana Beyond Aid.”

Why are KERSL Automation’s training programmes among the best?

Because at least 60% of each training course is hands-on and 40% theory. This ensures that the student is equipped with the requisite practical skill needed, while still buttressing the practical skill with adequate underlying theory so that the student’s understanding goes far beyond that of an artisan.

Each course is given a credit value. This is intended to provide you with an indication of the depth, complexity and intellectual demand of learning involved in the study. In our training courses, one credit value is equivalent to 30 notional hours. Notional hours are the estimated learning time taken by the ‘average’ student to achieve the specified learning outcomes of a course unit. The credit values specified can easily be converted to notional hours.

    Training Programmes

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