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Basic Mechanical Components

Basic Mechanical Components


Course Code: KMBMCM-050201

Equivalent Credit Hours: 2.0


Course Description

This course discusses the mechanical components that form the fundamental building blocks of mechanical machines. All coursework are accompanied by actual hands-on work. 



Participants taking this course should either have taken the course

or should be able to test out.


Course Curriculum

Basic Mechanical Components I

Basic Machines, Shafts, Couplings, Pulleys, Belts and Chain Drives, Gears and Gear Ratios, Advanced Couplings, Basic Alignment

Bearings and Lubrication

Principles of Bearing Operation, Components, Bearings, Principles of Friction and Lubricants

Basic Mechanical Components II

Levers, Cranks, Linkages, Springs. Types and Uses of Cams, Timing Adjustments, Use of Elementary Timing Model in Timing Adjustments




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