Professional Development at  Kersl  Technical Training

Professional Development

One of the focus areas of professional development training for technical professionals, engineers and technicians.

Automation Developer at Kersl  Technical Training

Automation Developer

We provide industrial automation solutions provider. We have expertize in designing, installing, and maintaining industrial automation systems.

Industrial Maintenance at Kersl  Technical Training

Industrial Maintenance

KERSL provides troubleshooting and maintenance services on major automation brands such as Siemens, Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation), and Mitsubishi.

Educational Laboratories at Kersl  Technical Training

Educational laboratories

KERSL runs Train-the-Trainer services for instructors at various institutions for continuing education of the instructors themselves to enhance their knowledge.

Kersl Mobile Labs Technical Training

Kersl Mobile Labs

In this Mobile Lab concept, KERSL’s portable laboratory / training equipment are transported to the premises of a company or institution for onsite training.

Solar Power Installation and Design  at Kersl  Technical Training

Solar Power Installation

In line with the word “Energy” in the company’s name, one of KERSL’s focus areas is to popularize solar energy for domestic and small business applications.