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Industrial Electricity III

Industrial Electricity III (Advanced Controls and Panel Building)


COURSE CODE:                    KCIEL3-02

Credit Value:                         2.0      


Learning Outcomes:           

On completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of advanced electrical troubleshooting methods
  2. Demonstrate course knowledge by completing a distribution panel



Demonstrate an understanding of advanced electrical troubleshooting methods


  1. Understand overcurrent protection, short current rating and grounding methods
  2. Understand advanced electrical troubleshooting using Electrical Skill Test Device (ESTD).
Demonstrate an understanding of industrial control panel building


  1. Understand standards used in the construction of industrial control panels (e.g., NEC standards, UL 508A, “Standard for Industrial Control Panels, and NFPA 79, “Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery.” IEEE standards for design, installation, testing, and/or maintenance
  2. Understand selection of type of enclosure based on the intended environment
  3. Understand practical applications of mechanical switches (using forward-reverse and star-delta starters as case studies)
  4. Understand advanced system automation using mechanical switches (eg. Limit switches, pressure switches, proximity switches etc.)
  5. Understand how to design and wire manual-auto dual operating mode circuits.
  6. Understand Sequence of Operations (SOP) and converting to electrical diagrams.
  7. Understand electrical panel building (wiring control & power circuits and power distribution panels)
  8. Understand panel interfacing and field wiring.


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