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Solar Power Construction

Solar power is a reliable source of energy and most industries in Ghana are moving towards the use of solar power since electrical energy in the country has proved to be somewhat unreliable. For this reason, solar power construction has really become lucrative in industries. Learning Solar Power construction from KERSL will equip participants with the knowledge of how to go about solar power construction.

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Tutorial on the designing, construction and operation of  solar power systems is taught here at KERSL so that participants fully understand how solar power construction is done. Handouts and other learning materials will be made available to supports lectures and practical tutorials that are taught here at KERSL. This will help students to be able to refer to the handouts for information whenever they want to try their hands on solar power construction.

Individuals who already work in the area can also participate in KERSL’s program to gain advanced knowledge of solar power construction for the benefit of their organizations.

Solar Power construction has helped many organizations save tonnes of money and gaining expertise in it will help companies thrive in their challenging and competitive environments.

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