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Solar Power Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Solar Power Design, Installation, and Maintenance


COURSE CODE:                    KCSPDI-02

Credit Value:                       2.0


Course Description:

In this course, you will learn how to design, install, and maintain a solar power system either as backup power for home use or for small commercial applications.


  1. The pros and cons of solar power.
  2. The features, applications, and components of the following systems: DC direct, Stand-alone, Grid-direct, and Grid-tied with battery backup.
  3. The pros and cons of different mounting systems (ground, pole, roof, and trackers).
  4. How to assess the power needs for your home or small commercial enterprise.
  5. How to design (i.e., assemble and construct) a residential stand-alone system, including the array, inverter, batteries, and overcurrent protection.
  6. How to define equipment grounding, system grounding, and components and conductors used for grounding.
  7. How to identify potential safety hazards of grid-direct or stand-alone PV solar power systems.
  8. How to maintain a PV solar power system.

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