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Introduction to Data Acquisition and Measurement with LabVIEW

Introduction to Data Acquisition and Measurement with LabVIEW


COURSE CODE:                    KCDAQM-02

Credit Value:                  2.0


Course Description

LabVIEW is a comprehensive development environment that contains all the tools engineers and scientists need to design and deploy measurement and control systems. This course teaches the fundamentals of graphical system design and data acquisition with LabVIEW. The course teaches the essential concepts of data acquisition and ways to combine software and hardware into an integrated measurement system.



  1. Data acquisition basics and terminology
  2. Strain measurements
  3. Voltage, current, and power measurements
  4. Load, pressure, and torque measurements
  5. Position and frequency measurements
  6. Sound and vibration measurements
  7. Temperature measurements
  8. Practical data acquisition project



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