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KERSL Automation will soon start a full mechatronics programme at the National Certificate I and II at the level 3 and level 4 respectively on the TVET Qualification framework (TVETQF). The entry level for the mechatronics Certificate I course will be at the Junior Secondary School (JSS) level. Thus, applicants should have completed the B.E.C.E. Contact us for further details.

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that combines three engineering disciplines—electrical, mechanical and computer technology—as an area of expertise needed for today’s automated manufacturing industries.

A mechatronics technician therefore has a solid background in both mechanical and electrical engineering fundamentals and therefore has the background to troubleshoot today’s electromechanical and automated machines with embedded electronics and communication capabilities.

Mechatronics specialists can work with huge industrial robots such as in car assembly plants, with smaller robots in pick-and-place operations, or with control systems for bottling or packaging of food and drink products.

Some mechatronics specialists are employed in companies that specialize in the design and maintenance of automated equipment. These include manufacturing, mining, aviation and transport companies.

Mechatronics engineers can work in any of these areas as well as in the fields of cyber security, telecommunications, computer science, automotive engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, consumer products and packaging.

The discipline of Mechatronics is a significant contributor to developing a technically competent workforce for manufacturing industries. Unfortunately, the Ghana TVET system does not currently have any programme in Mechatronics. There are indeed other related disciplines and/or courses in the TVET schools (e.g., industrial mechanics, electronics, IT, etc.), but there is no integrated curriculum for a programme in Mechatronics.

KERSL Automation is committed to bridging this gap by being the first training provider (private or public) to offer mechatronics programmes at the Certificate I and II levels on the National TVET Qualification Framework.

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