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Workplace Safety, Health and Supervisory Skills

Workplace Safety, Health and Supervisory Skills


COURSE CODE:                    KCOSHS-02

Credit Value:                         2.0


Course Description:

This course is designed to ensure that an entry-level technician will be familiar with the group of moral principles and standards of behavior; and exhibit the set of values regarding proper conduct at the workplace.



Workplace Safety:

  • Definition of hazards
  • Safety as a category of hazards
  • Classification of hazards
  • Identifying hazards in the workplace
  • Management of safety hazards

Workplace Health:

  • Definition of hazards
  • Health as a category of hazards
  • Classification of hazards
  • Specifics of hazards
  • Management of health hazards

Factory Floor Supervisory Skills:

  • Responsibilities of factory floor supervisor
  • Workplace Cooperation and Management
    • Importance of good communication
    • Effective forms of workplace communication
    • Procedures for resolving disputes
    • Grievance procedures
  • Managing People
    • Relationship building and teamwork
    • Influencing skills and bringing out the best in your workers (motivation and attitude improvement)
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
    • Rights and responsibilities.
    • Procedures for protecting your workers from sexual harassment and avoiding indecent behaviour yourself.
    • Procedures for dealing with allegations of sexual harassment.


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