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Industrial Power Electronics

Industrial Power Electronics


COURSE CODE:                    KCIPEL-02

Credit Value:                         2.0      

Course Description:

This course discusses the practical circuit symbols and functional behaviour of electronic components involved in power electronics systems. It provides hands-on experience in testing power components and provides the techniques of applying the concepts in troubleshooting variable speed drives. All coursework is accompanied by actual hands-on work.



The course will explain to the students the

  1. Theory of operation and applications of silicon controlled rectifiers
  2. Theory of operation and applications of triacs
  3. Functional behaviour and applications of bipolar junction transistors
  4. Operating principle of field-effect transistors
  5. Operating principles and applications of unijunction transistors
  6. Effects of voltage transients in power circuits (with a demonstration of the effects)
  7. Operation of power control triggering circuits
  8. Methods for testing power electronic components


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