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Advanced PLC with PROFIBUS Communication and Networking

Advanced PLC with PROFIBUS Communication and Networking


COURSE CODE:                    KCAPCN-02


Credit Value:                         2.0

Course Description:

This course describes PROFIBUS industrial fieldbus networks and shows how to configure and analyze PROFIBUS networks. Various concepts such as PROFIBUS-DP and PROFIBUS-FMS are discussed.



  1. PROFIBUS as open fieldbus system – relationship to the ISO/OSI model
  2. Transmission medium: RS485, fibre-glass and/or IEC 1158-2 technology
  3. Physical characteristics and installation details
  4. PROFIBUS services: FDL, DP, FMS and PA
  5. Data link functions: SDA, SRD, SDN, and CSRD
  6. Token passing principle: TTH, TTR, TRR parameters
  7. Addressing: PROFIBUS address (FDL) and Service Access Point (SAP)
  8. Active versus passive PROFIBUS partners
  9. FMS service details:
  • Client server model
  • Virtual Field Device (VFD)
  • Object Dictionary (OD)
  • Communication Relations List (CRL)
  • Standard and user defined data type

10.DP service details:

  • Master-slave model
  • Remote I/O system: distributed peripheral
  • Multi-DP sub-network on one cable

11.Configuration software: Siemens COM-PROFIBUS, Siemens STEP 7, SST-PROFIBUS configuration tool

12.Remote I/O diagnostics


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