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Advanced PLC with HMI

Advanced PLC with HMI


COURSE CODE:                    KCAPLH-02

Credit Value:                         2.0

 Course Description:

This course provides a practical, hands-on experience the WinCC Flexible software and hardware terminals, Siemens HMI (Human-Machine Interface) product. Students will learn how to launch, navigate, create, and make use of the help files. Students will get to know the application, gather data, plan the tag database, design graphic screens, plan alarms, and gain information that is required to operate the system. Students will be able to create and configure new graphic displays and be able to navigate between windows. In addition, students will learn about the Enhanced Screen objects, such as Sliders, Gauges, and Trends, and will be able to incorporate them into an operator screen to control and monitor a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) loop running in the processor. Finally, students will also learn how to use such WinCC Flexible utilities as the Status-Force Monitor, System Screens, Alarming, and Security. Students will design a complete PLC-HMI application (an S7 300 or S7 1200 will be used for this project).



  1. Introduction to WinCC and its applications
  2. Creating a Project, Tags, Screens – Simple Objects
  3. Enhanced Screen Objects
  4. Status-Force Display
  5. Alarms, Multiplex Tags, System Screens
  6. Transferring the Application
  7. Security
  8. Practical project


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