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Advanced PLC with Electro-pneumatics

Advanced PLC with Electro-pneumatics


COURSE CODE:                    KCAPLE-02

Credit Value:                         2.0      

Course Description:

This is an advanced PLC programming course that is tailor-made to use electro-pneumatic systems for all practical applications. Trainees undertake programming GRAFCET with function block diagram (FBD) and sequential function chart (SFC) programming languages, as well as reading and analyzing PLC-based electro-pneumatic circuit diagrams, assembling and making adjustments of electro-pneumatic systems, troubleshooting, detection, and repairs of faults.


Students should have some experience operating pneumatic systems or equipment. They should also have taken the course Intermediate PLC (KAIPLC-050201).



  1. Basic elements of fluid mechanics
  2. Elements of pneumatics and electro-pneumatics
  3. Sequence, timing, and phase diagrams
  4. GRAFCET reading and generation
  5. Programming GRAFCET with function block diagram (FBD) and SFC languages
  6. Jump and subroutine programming instruction
  7. Identification of electro-pneumatic system units/components
  8. Reading and analyzing PLC-based electro-pneumatic circuit diagrams
  9. Assembling and making adjustments of electro- pneumatic systems
  10. Troubleshooting, detection, and repairs of faults
  11. PLC programming, testing, debugging, and commissioning of complex control tasks
  12. System documentation of control tasks
  13. Industrial visit


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